If you are craving soul stirring images that tell a story, you've come to the right place.

Hi, I'm Gintare and welcome to my world! 

Meet the artist

Multidisciplinary Creative, Award Winning Author & Mentor

What is the story you want to tell?

A unique background in both business and arts, allows me to approach each each project not only through an artistic lens of creating stunning visuals, but in a way that would provide most versatility through different platforms.

My style is deeply woven in that delicate and magical balance of light and shadow, bringing to life images that draw you in.

My work blends the worlds of commercial photography and fine art, creating evocative images that stand out.

I have been a student of art for as long as I can remember. From painting, writing, theatre and just about any artistic activity I could get my hands on. Despite that, common sense at the time at the time lead me to business and marketing studies and eventually international management. 
From there I’ve spent years working with and managing large scale EU funded projects.

However, a culinary blog I’ve started in 2010 reignited my passion for art & food and in 2013 I’ve left the corporate world to pursue my passions. I’ve started by writing cookbooks, which I also designed and photographed. My 4th cookbook won the second place in ‘World Gourmand Cookbook Awards’ for Mediterranean cuisine.

My Story

How I got here

Nestlé, Accor Hotels, Max Chocolatier, Revol, Salvatore Ferragamo Group/Lungarno Collection, Betty Bossi, Biogaran, The Rainforest Company, Rough Linen, Friesland Campina, Made to Stay, Crémerie Végane, Casa Brava



and what I can do for You!

What I do

Visual stories

When I am not behind the camera I am helping creatives and especially photographers tap into the creative flow and unleash their infinite potential in arts and build a business on their own terms.

Mentorship & resources

        My cookbooks are published in 4 languages.



Switzerland is the 6th country I live in. 

02 — I believe a problem is serious if it can't be solved with chocolate or wine.

Gintare in my native Lithuanian means amber.


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