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I bring together years of business, marketing knowledge and understanding of creativity & art.
Bridging the two worlds is where my strength lies and it is also the key for photographers to focus on in building a long term creative business.

For photographers who want to elevate their skills and business.

I am here to stir up a creative revolution and help you create a business on your own terms so you can thrive

Imagine, if you were supported every step of the way?

How would that feel?

Imagine, If you had access to knowledge that would save you hours, weeks of time and help you grow faster?

1:1 Mentoring is a deeply customised journey to support you in getting where you want to go.
Single consultation sessions and 7 week programs are available. 

Gorgeous images is what gets you noticed but the information I will share in this workshop is what’s important to have a thriving business you are excited about in the long run!

This is the workshop I wish I would have had when I was just starting out!

Free resources

which one will you choose?

Ever wondered what kind of equipment I have in my studio? 

Where do I like to shop for my backgrounds and props?

I'm sharing all my secrets here including the masterclass where I discuss the best things to be investing in as a photographer.

Resource guide

In this masterclass I'm diving deep into all the elements that should go into making a strong portfolio that represents you!

We're going over all the steps you have to take, from personal work, to collaborations to client work!

How to create a standout photography portfolio?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou
I don’t know a quote that better sums up what this business (well, frankly any business) is all about.
In photography, spectacular images are a must, but what matters even more your clients experience.
And I’m diving into all the aspects in this masterclass.

Creating the ultimate client experience masterclass