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This is all about you!
Where you are in your business and where you want to go.
My 1:1 mentoring is a series of deeply personalised sessions to support you in getting you where you want to be.


That's why I created a support I wish I had when I was building my business.

To have access to knowledge, to someone who has walked in your shoes.

Who has faced the same/similar challenges you are facing.

Who has made mistakes and learned from them. 

Who can warn you about the pitfalls, before you reach them.

It is no secret that building a business can be the loneliest time of your life, and the most challenging one.

in fact, support can be the difference between giving up on your dream and moving forward.

In my creative path and developing business, I found nothing more important than being supported.

From quitting corporate world, to embarking on a journey to become a food writer.
Creating an award winning cookbook and then starting all over again in a new country.
When we moved to the Switzerland, I had no network, no connections and no clients.
Within less than 2 years I had a global client base all while living in the swiss countryside.

Mentoring is where I share my experiences and lessons of over a decade of entrepreneurship.

When I started mentoring, it was my goal that no creative soul should grow up hearing that there is no way  for them to live from their dream.

That there is no thriving in pursuing your dream. 

Proving that wrong, has always been my goal and still is. If you have a dream that is burning inside you, if there is something you love doing above all else, then there is a way to build your life around it.

I believe the best way to build a business, to scale it up is to find what works best for you. I don't believe in the universal rules, set blueprints and fixed strategies. The key to sustainability and growth is finding your unique way of creating, marketing and showing up in the world. The more you can be your true self, the easier things are going to be.
If you have tried every strategy in the book without much success then perhaps it's time to create your own rules.

Some important details...

This is my secret sauce that I use for myself and all of my clients. It's like a blueprint to you, showing your gifts, strengths, weaknesses and your roadmap to abundance. It's the best way to look on how you can start making changes in your life.

This is what makes the difference between having a hobby and living your life doing what you love. In the business end we may cover getting clients, marketing that is true to you, making offers, pricing and everything else that is essential.

We are all naturally creative, but so few of us are able to reach the creative depths we posses. 
Tapping into the creative flow is finding what makes you unique. Your style, your way of communicating and starting to live with ease.

This is all about working on your skills and finding a way to work that is true to you. 
From basics, to how you can solve particular problems that are holding you back.
How can you make images that stand out from the crowd.

Mentoring Topics

Mentoring is completely customised to your particular needs.

Below are some examples of topics covered in the past. Your's can be one or a combination of the topics below or something entirely different.

If you are not sure if we can cover  what you are interested in, you can book a free 20 min discovery call to see if we are a good fit.

Since meeting Gintare, I am no longer the same person!! Our discussions and feedback has triggered a real awareness of the steps I need to take! 

It’s as if Gintare had opened up the field of possibilities for me! 🤩And wow, my business has taken a big turn! 

A real click, a new version of me, a business woman! Daring to test, try, follow my desires, my dreams, daring to make mistakes, rectify, start again, while preserving my energy and my joy! And I’m already seeing the benefits!

So thank you Gintare, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you have given me. For your kindness, your dedication, your listening, your wise advice, your vision, your professionalism, you have been a real support for me ❤️

I didn't think I'd need a coaching session, but Gintare sort of appeared at the best time so it felt like a calling…she is extremely kind and empathetic, very grounded and sincere. It did not feel like coaching, but more like friendly conversations where I felt listened to, understood and supported. She gave me the basic tools I was lacking to gain confidence in running my business, quotes and negotiations.

Gintare is very present in between calls and gives a great boost with her kindness and availability.

She has helped me make a huge shift in the way I approach my business and I could not recommend her enough. I am looking forward to more coaching from her when the need comes again!!

I can’t recommend Gintare enough. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with her in achieving goals. She is very dedicates, caring and feeling. I recommend her very much.

What my clients say

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no strings attached

This is a completely customised program to your needs, to support you in taking the leap. 
This may cover photography, editing, creativity, business building or evolving or combination of all.

3-7 week 1:1 Mentoring

ONLINE —  from EUR 547

I call these the butt kick sessions. They are to discuss your most pressing issues. Sometimes they are just so you have a space to talk about what is worrying you or you feel uncertain about, or to simply pick my brain over coffee about everything you would like to know.
Sometimes when you are stuck this is a call to shake things up and wake you up so you can re-focus on what is important.

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