Everything you need to know about pricing your services

Photography Pricing

The complete


This is the photography pricing workshop I wish I could have had in my first years of business.

A workshop that will give a FULL FRAMEWORK on how to set prices, practices for mindset and building confidence and REAL LIFE examples of prices across the board so you would know where to position yourself.

I took so many different courses over my well over a decade in business and could never get a clear answer for setting prices that would go beyond basic costs calculations and that I could easily adapt to my work.

If that sounds familiar and you want gain clarity and feel empowered in your decision making, my complete photography pricing workshop will cover just that.

I will share examples from my work in portrait, commercial food, product and beauty photography and lots of other industry examples to get you oriented and inspired.

What is this about?

Mindset and confidence building

How to earn more?

COntracts and communication

Setting prices from begining

Just a few of the topics we cover in this over 2,5 hours workshop!

What will the workshop cover?

This workshop is not just to tell you what to charge.

This workshop is about understanding the value of your offers and long term vision.

This workshop is about having the tools to make changes when you are no longer happy with your current offers and breaking down into steps of how you can do that.

This workshop is about what you need to have in place to be able to earn more from your services, how to protect yourself contractually and always get paid.

This workshop is about knowing how to efficiently communicate and negotiate with clients

Why is this important?

* All photographers who want to be confident with setting prices
* Photographers want to earn more
* Photographers who are missing key pieces in contracts about pricing
* Photographers who want to get context about how the prices in the industry are
* Photographers who want to learn to negotiate

This workshop is for: 

My approach is simple, I share the key facts you need to know, well seasoned with my over decade of experience as an entrepreneur working globally and almost two decades of business experience.

Bridging the worlds of art and business is where my strength is, and I'm here to motivate you and empower you to go after your goals.

In the past, clients working with me were able to successfully triple their prices, by starting to charge what they wanted, but did not dare.

My clients were able to move their business out of stagnation to being fully booked.

Imagine, if you were able to do that? How would it feel?

Working with me

Where to begin setting prices?
What questions to ask while setting prices?
How does copyright effect prices?
When is it time to change prices?
How to make decisions about prices, so we are confident about them?
How does your confidence influence your prices, your communication about them and what to do about it?
How to communicate your prices to clients?
How to make quotes that make you stand out?
How to negotiate?
What do you need to have in your contracts about prices?
How to deal with requests for discounts and free photoshoots?
How to earn more with the same services?
How to make sure you get paid?
Different pricing models in photography with examples.

The full topics we will cover:

Get a taste of my secret sauce.
I’ve been an entrepreneur for well over a decade now, and one of the most profound lessons I’ve learned is that there is no strategy that works for everyone.

We are all so different and the better we understand ourselves the more we can thrive instead of struggle.

Over the last decade, I’ve tried pretty much every productivity and self discovery tool I could find and nothing made as much impact as discovering human design.

This is my secret sauce that I use for now myself and all of my clients. It’s like a blueprint to you, showing your gifts, strengths, weaknesses and your roadmap to being your best self.

It’s the best way to look on how you can start making changes in your life and business and the results from it are just incredible.

and you'll get a Bonus!

We are going to cover a segment on decision making based on human design, which changes the way you make decisions. This will empower you to not rely on the opinion of others but to be confident in your decision making.

This system has been the most life changing for me in the way I organise my business and especially take decision on prices and I strongly feel that everyone should know about it and can benefit from it.

What is in the bonus?

You probably thought about this...

Frequently asked questions

This workshop will give you a full framework for setting prices and can be used for any photography. I personally work with commercial food, product, beauty and portrait photography, so the examples from my experience will be from these fields.

Private consultation is where we discuss together and do portfolio reviews if needed. Here we will have a Q&A section, but it's not as detailed as working together. However, I have designed the workshop specifically to give as a starter kit to my mentoring clients, before we dive in deeper, this really does cover everything I want you to know about photography pricing.